Poh Heem Heem

Heem Heem is the Senior Manager for  Special Projects and Consultancy at the PSDC.  She loves writing and vacations! Her retirement dream is to be a travel writer.


Tan Eng Keat              

Eng Keat is the Assistant Manager for Design & Development Shared Services (DDSS) at the PSDC. Having the longest department name in the organisation comes the great responsibility of managing the largest and longest Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) chamber in Malaysia. Outside of the office, his main interests are in sports and travel. He also indulges in the 3 ‘M’s: Movies, Music, and ‘Makan’.


Tan Yin Hooi

Yin Hooi is the Senior Executive for Special Projects and Consultancy at the PSDC. Her working life has so far involved a lot of PSPH – ‘pau-sua-pau-hai’ (Penang Hokkien for ‘everything also must do’), but she acknowledges that the PSPH-experience has enriched her life, in a weird but interesting way. She has a penchant for words, good food, good movies, and artsy fartsy stuff.


If you have any enquiries and feedback, or would like to contribute an article, please feel free to drop us an e-mail.

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