The Power of Volunteerism

Dec 04, 12 The Power of Volunteerism

What comes to mind when we mention the word ‘volunteer’?  Doing something for free at his own time, and link it with charity or community work, right?  Yes, that is normal.  Well, the definition of volunteer according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary is, ‘someone who offers to do something without being forced to do it or without getting paid for it.   volunteer is a person who gives freely of their time and talents for the benefit of others.

Personally, I find that when I volunteer to do something, I learn new things and meet new people.  By volunteering, we are doing something not in our normal routine or scope.  One will have to put in time and effort.  But in turn, one will get to explore and learn new things and meet new people along the way.


Many a time, my former boss will ‘volunteer’ me to take up projects that are not in my scope of work.  In the true sense, volunteer does not work that way, that is, you do not volunteer another person.  It has to be that person volunteering himself or herself.  Nonetheless, that is the way it works – he is the boss.  Upon reflecting on it, this has given me the opportunity to grow and develop in my career.    I learn to manage projects, lead and give instructions and many more experiences along the way.  I have more to gain than to lose.   I have him to thank for.

The CEO of Leaderonomics, Roshan Thiran, wrote:  Volunteerism – a HR secret weapon a few months ago.  Click  article to check it out.

Little did I know that volunteering is such a strange weapon that can drive up productivity in organizations and good for your soul.  By doing good for others and the community, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

The subtitle states that volunteerism can transform our nation, take your company higher and cure stress and depression, is indeed intriguing.  Accordingly, volunteering combats depression.  Our bodies produce oxytocin, a hormone which counters stress hormones associated with depression.  In turn one will feel better about themselves, more likely to have a positive view of life and hence perform better at work.

It warms my heart to see many people, old and young, sacrificing their time and effort in volunteerism such as spending time with the old folks and the less fortunate, caring for stray animals, raising funds for  the sick etc.  Do you remember the local papers featuring the siblings who spent time to restore  vandalized mural art on walls in Georgetown a few months ago?

At work, I have volunteered to be a part of the recreational committee and I help in community work during my own time.

I have done my part in volunteerism.  Now that you know the goodness of it, would you want to give it a shot?  Start off at the work place or school or log in to to begin your journey to a happier and productive person.


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